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River Reports

Let Country Pleasures keep you up to date with whats going on with the Bow River, Crowsnest River and High Country Rivers. Click on the links below to see the latest river reports.

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Bow River Report - September 14th, 2017

Bow River report

First time in a long time we have seen rain and cool weather.

Yesterday’s weather brought on the BWO’s in a big way and there were fish up on them.

Quite a lot of October Caddis kicking around on the river right now as well.

Hopper fishing was quite good through the early part of the week and once the weather dries up a bit that should continue until we have a couple killing frosts.

Starting to be more Boatmen, try hanging a black Tung Stud or Peacock Boatman under a Hopper or October Caddis.

Streamer fishing made somewhat of a comeback in the last few days after not being that great for a bit.


Hatches: Hoppers, Caddis, Tricos, BWO’s, October Caddis

Dry Flies: More-Or-Less Hopper, Foam Hopper-Tan, Dave’s Hopper CDC Caddis, Spent Partridge Caddis, Morrish October Caddis

Nymphs: B/H Prince Nymph, Morrish Anato-May, Tungsten Soft Hackle, Tung Dart-Black

Streamers: Skiddish Smolt, Kreelex Minnow, Bow River Bugger, Clouser Minnow

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Crowsnest River Report – September 14th, 2017

Crowsnest River report

The Crowsnest is flowing at about 1.6 CMS right now. It’s still fishing OK, with the best fishing in the mornings and evenings. Make sure to take some light tippet.

BWO’s should start showing up in numbers with this cool, wet weather. Boatmen should also follow right along.

The Crowsnest is accessible, even with the forestry closure. You must only use maintained parking areas. DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS OR DITCHES!


Hatches: Caddis, Hoppers, Ants

Dry Flies: Yeager’s Foam Caddis, Film Critic-PMD, Morrish Hopper, Quigleys Flag Ant, Point Guard Hopper

Nymphs: B/H Prince Nymph, Tung Stud, Tung Dart

Streamers: Silvey’s Sculpin Leech-Blk/Olv/Wht., Circus Peanut.

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High Country River Report – September 14th, 2017

High Country River report

As of Monday, September 4th, there is a forestry closure in place south of highway #532 to the Montana border. This means that there is no access to the the Upper Oldman, Livingston, Dutch, Racehorse Creek areas.

The Highwood and points north are still accessible but please be careful out there in how you park, etc.. We’ve lost enough to fires in the last week or so.

Please check the notice at for map and closure details.


Hatches: Caddis, Terrestrials

Dries: Parachute Adams, Neversink Caddis, Point Guard Hopper, Quigleys Flag Ant

Nymphs: B/H Prince Nymph, Tung Stud, Tung Dart

Streamers: Ice Pick-Tan/Pearl, Silveys Sculpin Leech-White

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